The Conversation with Kayla Hollatz

How would you describe your everyday life in a nutshell?

I am a full-time business owner who works with a variety of coaching and freelance clients along with creating courses, workshops, and other actionable content for my audience of creative bloggers and entrepreneurs. I love the freedom and flexibility it affords me but it’s definitely a LOT of work. I adore it though and can’t imagine a better fitting career.

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Describe some challenges you have faced since starting your business and how did you overcome those times?

Like any business owner, I’ve had to balance the work that I feel called to do with the work that will bring in a steady income. It can be difficult in the beginning stages of business to scale it to a point where you can work on all of the passion projects you have been dreaming about but all the work you put into those early stages is so incredibly important. I usually overcome these business struggles by talking to my community through my mailing list and social media. Having vulnerable and authentic conversations help you to feel like you’re not alone in your journey.

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What does being light look for you for in your industry?

This is such a great question! I always tell people that my biggest aspiration in life is to be a beam of light. That happened after I found out my other aspiration of being a mermaid wasn’t so realistic. Being a light in my industry means admiring how others have built their business but allowing myself permission to build mine my own way. It means going against the grain and having an attitude of abundance with supporting others in your industry. There’s enough room for us all to succeed.

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How has your relationship with God impacted your everyday life?

Wow, this is a big question. The Lord is with me in everything I do, even if I don’t always see or understand how in the exact moment. There are so many experiences I can look back on and think Yeah, He knew what He was doing there or I’ll look at something euphoric that’s happening to me now and think This is totally a God thing. This year, He’s really helped me with placing more of my identity in Him and less in my work, something that I struggle heavily with as a self-proclaimed workaholic. When I start to put a suffocating amount of pressure on myself to perform professionally to a certain standard, I remember that I don’t have to carry this weight alone. He’s got this too. I can’t even describe how comforting that feels.

Kayla H

What makes Kayla Hollatz smile?

People who serve others, trading weekly highlights with my bible study, connecting with my local community here in Minneapolis, working on the patio on a sunny summer day, discovering hidden waterfalls, journaling and reading scripture every night, and big mugs of hot chocolate.

Kayla H

What advice would give others who want to start their passion project?

It seems like simple advice but seriously, just get started. We all have to fight doubts and fears in our creative process but the people who are successful are those who are able to release their work out in the world anyway. We all need your story. Remember, done is always better than perfect.

Kayla H


What’s next for Kayla?

I’ll be exploring some new brand extensions this year through speaking opportunities and regular video workshops. I’ll continue to pursue coaching and putting a large emphasis on building my course shop. Of course, I’ll have some no-pressure passion projects, hopefully, another poetry collection, in between all of my business projects too. I like to have a balance of both so I’m always creating.

Kayla H

Where can people connect with you?

Everyone jokes that I live on Twitter and well, they aren’t wrong. You can connect with me on Twitter at @kayla_hollatz or Instagram at @kaylahollatz.

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  1. Meja, I am so very proud of you. I feel so blessed to have seen you flourish into such an amazing young woman. I am excited about what the future holds for you! Your Tia Terry

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