The Conversation with Adam Powell

Who is Adam Powell? I’m just a normal guy from South Carolina who loves Jesus, my wife, my two boys, people, and tacos. I’m a product of grace and owe my life to a Creator who gave Himself. My life has been forever indebted to Jesus and I am forever grateful for the unwavering grace … Read more

The Conversation with Patrice Patrick

How would your best friends describe you? A bold and funny heartfelt listener. And an adventurous go-getter. What does everyday life look like for you? Each day is a little bit different for me because I’m a TV production freelancer. So depending on the particular gig or project I’m working on and the position I … Read more

Love Yourself

“When God made you, made you perfect and beautiful. For God, there is no exist two. For God, there is only one and made you beautiful. So you must not distrust yourself ever. He made you perfect.” – anonymous I’ve spoken about my issues before except one thing that I never talk about it. I … Read more

The Conversation with Kayla Hollatz

How would you describe your everyday life in a nutshell? I am a full-time business owner who works with a variety of coaching and freelance clients along with creating courses, workshops, and other actionable content for my audience of creative bloggers and entrepreneurs. I love the freedom and flexibility it affords me but it’s definitely … Read more

Dared to Love

I started this 40-day journey today on a book that I picked up at a thrift store called The Love Dare. Its concept is ‘dare to love’ and it is a book on how to love more in your marriage. I am completely single (Hello eligible bachelors (insert wink face) however, I still felt compelled … Read more