The Conversation with Patrice Patrick

How would your best friends describe you?

A bold and funny heartfelt listener. And an adventurous go-getter.

What does everyday life look like for you?

Each day is a little bit different for me because I’m a TV production freelancer. So depending on the particular gig or project I’m working on and the position I have, my days can either be 15-18+ hour days or a lovely 8 hour day. So, of course, each day will most likely begin with fighting the good fight in LA traffic, getting settled in my temporary office, checking and answering emails, phone calls, and working out a logistics game plan to get whatever project done that is time pressing. And because I’ve been working with many of the same people for over 10 years, most of my work days are filled with hilarious group texts, memes, inside jokes, and laughter.

But if I’m in between projects, I’m fairly good at staying in a place of rest, which means sleeping 12-14 hours straight, staying in my pajamas all day, binging on Hallmark movies and HGTV’s Fixer Upper, and hopefully writing.


What inspired you to get involved in the Entertainment industry?

I simply loved stories. And growing up as an only child, I gravitated toward television and movies. In high school, I’d always heard adults say, “Choose to do something you love and make it a career.” And I thought, “Heck, I love watching TV and movies”, how do I make a career basically doing that, while also being around the artists and creatives that inspire me?

To me it was a simple choice, because there was nothing else that captured my attention quite like the atmosphere and energy of working ‘behind-the-scenes’– but of course I would learn that it’s not simply desire that gets you to your dream career, but patience, hard work, persistence, and whole lot of endurance.


Describe a moment in your journey that was very challenging and how did you overcome those times?

Moving back home with my parents after completing film school, producing documentaries, and working off and on as a television freelancer for several years. It felt like a defeat. It felt like I was going backward and that I would never have a consistent career in television or film. But in turn, it was actually the support of my family that helped give me the push I needed to continue to apply for jobs and keep current with my few connections in Los Angeles. When I had the opportunity to work in LA, I would simply crash on the couches of my friends, until the work started to become more constant. And when I felt as though more jobs would finally begin to line up enough for me to actually make a living, I took the leap of faith, to move from my parents home back to LA, to finally give it a second shot. And since then, I’ve been working non-stop. That was roughly 4 years ago.

To note: Also in that time with my family, God was doing an amazing healing with my heart in regards to identity, relationships, and purpose. If I hadn’t had that time that ‘seemed’ like defeat, I would not have been prepared to deal with the people and positions that I have encountered since then. I’m now so incredibly grateful for that time back at home.


What does being light look like for you in your everyday life?

Kindness and Prayer.

Those are my two major weapons I take with me on every job I do. I get to receive that kindness and prayer first for myself. The Word says that God’s tender mercies towards us are new every morning. I’m intentional about spending time with God every morning before I go to work, and especially on the car ride to work with prayer and worship music. Secondly, Scripture also mentions that Jesus intercedes for us, He is actively praying for us before the Father. I find that absolutely profound and encouraging. So I make sure I take a moment to truly receive that for my own heart first. Because we can’t give away what we don’t have.

So while in the midst of high-pressure deadlines and high maintenance celebrities, I’m able to remain in a state of peace and joy. I’m also intentional about praying for every show, production, crew member, etc. that I’m in the midst of for any given project I’m working on. I love praying while I’m on site. Often, I’ll casually do prayer walks around the buildings, studios, sets, etc. that I work in. It’s been amazing to see how God changes an atmosphere through prayer!


Describe some of your wildest dreams?

Oh boy. There’s so many! But let’s start with, Husband boo. As much as I LOVE my career and working in the entertainment industry, I’ve been one of those girls that have dreamed about marriage since I was a little girl. Most of my high school friends were married before age 25. I for sure thought I’d be married with 5 kids by 30. Ha! But instead, God made me a youth pastor (while also working in the entertainment industry), and I now have over 20 kids, which I absolutely adore. But to start a brand new adventure with the love of my life, melding his giftings with my giftings is definitely one of my wildest dreams.

One season of “Fixer Upper” – I adore the show Fixer Upper, I think it would be a hoot to be on board that show in some capacity for at least one season. To write a Hallmark movie. When I say I love cheesy Hallmark movies. I mean it. With all my heart. To write a book geared toward single ladies, simply full of encouragement and hope. Because life doesn’t begin when you have a man or when you get married. So much true living and adventure are to be had even now. But the desire to be married and to have a man is valid, and one shouldn’t feel shamed by it. There’s a way to balance a heart’s desire for romance, living in expectancy, and living in the now.



What advice would you have for others who are currently seeking a career in the entertainment industry?

First, prayerfully consider. Invite God into this process as you are figuring out what to do. Next, find mentors. What movie, tv show, Netflix shows are you currently obsessed with? What is that you particularly like about them? The genre (comedy, drama, etc.), the writing, the actors, or perhaps you just don’t know, and you are just drawn to it. In any event, track down the production company, writers, directors, producers, production coordinators, etc…

In this day and age of social media, it’s so incredibly easy to find someone and reach out. Once you get a hold of a production company, convince them that they need you as an intern. That you would be a great asset and willing to learn…besides, of course, working for free. (Yes, don’t be afraid to pay your dues and work ridiculously hard). And be persistent! Just because 3 production companies tell you no, don’t give up. You just need 1 yes. And once you have your foot in the door, you can actually begin to figure out what area of entertainment you actually like. Plus, God has a way of opening doors for you, in order for you to discover what you really like, and what you’re made for. Which may be a longer journey of discovery…And that’s okay.



What’s next for you?

For me, I’ll be production managing some cool television specials for the upcoming Fall and Christmas season. I’m super excited about these shows! I also have some new blog posts to write and share with my readers. One of my favorite things to do in life is write.

Where can people connect with you?

I love Instagram! @patricebloglife and of course I’m on Facebook and Twitter as well 😉 same handle as IG. I also have a website where I blog consistently and share my heart and journey as a single woman and entertainment industry freelancer. This website is very much an online diary of sorts, of which I hope brings encouragement and inspiration to every reader, especially women.