#KS100 – Instructions

Thank you for signing up.

Below are the detailed next step instructions for you. Some of it is slightly technical.

If you need assistance join our private facebook group and we will walk you through all this and answer any questions you might have.

Once we’ve got all your information and these steps completed, we will start building your web site.  We are also building them in order of when we get the all the information from everyone. When we actually start, the design / build time will be only a few days before we can show you something.


Please, if you have any questions you can always, visit the FAQ page or find us on twitter, Facebook or drop us a note through our contact form. We want to make sure you understand this 100% before you start down this path.


Step 1. Pay what you want for the web site

To reiterate what we’ve already said, this is Pay What You Want, but there is a minimum. Also also know that our goal isn’t to give away free web sites, but to provide you with a resource to help empower your dream and message you have burning to share with the world.

Our normal price for a web site like we’re giving you is around $1200-1500. We only ask that you pay a fair price.

If you want a suggestion, we suggest $200. Is there a minimum? Yes, it can’t be $0. Is there a maximum? Not really, but if you want to give us $10,000 we might have to fly you here and cook you a meal.

The goal of this project is to empower you as well as kickstart us into what we are meant to do. We can’t do this alone.

By the way, did you see the incentives page? Website Incentives

Now that you’re ready to pay, here is the link to the PWYW Page.

Click here if you’re from the USA

Click here if you’re from Canada


Step 2. Sign up for hosting

This is the technical part of this process. We’ll take care of most of it, but we need you to do a couple things to get it started.

Sign up for a hosting account through our affiliate hosting and a domain name… and make sure to get a domain. That’s it.

Get your hosting @ siteground.com

Please use this link as we get paid a small commission for you signing up for hosting. It’s partially how we can offer this.

We recommend the StartUp plan, but if you think you need more, GrowBig is a good place to start.

The packages start at $3.95/month for the first year.

You can get your domain name there too, but if you don’t want to, we recommend Name Cheap. This is where we have all our domain names. We like to keep them separate from our hosting in case something goes wrong. It’s an extra security measure. Not necessary though.

** Important Step **

When you’ve signed up we will need access to your hosting account. If you could email jason@kingdomspark.com with your username, password and domain, we can take it from here.

If you did decided to get your email through another company, we will need access to that as well to change the DNS. Or if you want to do that yourself, we can get you the information you need. Just let us know which you prefer.

YES!!! We’re almost there.

Step 3. Share your dream with the world

Now that you’re done with payment, hosting and potentially filled out the website details form, we want to hear from you what your dream or passion is.

I know some of you might be shy and not want to do this, but we believe so strongly that when you speak your dreams into the world they are more likely to become a reality.

Here is what we’re looking for;

  • Tell us what your passion and dreams are.
  • Share with the world your new web site.
  • Optional: Let them know about Kingdom Spark and how they can get their own site.


If you want an example, our very own Brittney made her’s for you to see.


We want to make this as easy as possible, so no fancy camera’s or lights… just use your phone or computer camera.

Talk from your heart. It will be awesome. We’re so excited to see it.

Once you’ve made your video, upload it to your page and let us know. We want to share your video on our fan page so people can find you and support you in your own journey.

After these 3 steps are completed Brittney will follow up with the next steps. 🙂