#KS100 – FAQ

Here are some of the questions we’ve already received about the #KS100 PWYW Web Site Campaign. If these don’t answer your question, jump over to our contact page and ask us there.

Is there a time limit on when I can get a web site?

  • Yes, we are only going to offer this until Sept 15th or when 100 sites are spoken for.

How many pages can my web site have?

  • You can have as many pages as you like in your web site, but we are only going to put in 5 of them for you.

How long will it take for me to get my web site?

  • This is first come, first serve. We have a team of people ready to make your site happen. Our goal is to get all the web sites done within 3 months.  Once we have all the information we need from you, the site will only take a couple days.

What happens if I need help after you’re done?

  • We are going to give you 1 month of free support to help you get done what you need.
  • We’ve also made a super awesome tutorial site you can go to when you’re stuck and need help within WordPress.
  • The tutorial site can be found here: http://tutorial.wpcopilot.com It’s not operational yet, but will be soon.

Can I sell things from my web site?

  • Yes you can. But we are not setting up e-commerce for you. If you want to sell something from your site, you can contact us about that separately.

What if I don’t like the themes provided?

  • You can install your own, but our help will be limited. We will still add your content for you, install the theme and do a basic set up, but not design it for you. We have to keep our process simple and easy for us. We know Studio Press themes very well and can build your site for you a lot faster than with a theme we don’t know. If it’s really important to you to have another theme, you can contact us to make other arrangements, but there will be an additional cost.

What if I don’t know what theme to pick?

  • We get that. We’ve put together a brief guide to help you understand how each theme might work for you and how you might use it.

My brother’s friend down the street knows a guy who is going to help me. Can someone else work on my site?

  • Absolutely. Once we’ve got everything set up, it’s all yours.

Who owns my site?

  • You will own your site. The theme we bought for you comes with a GPL license which allows us to use the theme over and over again. You won’t have access to Studio Press* and their site. To get access you will need to purchase your own license from them.

Who owns the images and content on the site.

  • Everything we use to create your site comes from royalty free stock images we’ve gathered over the years. So you can use them as much as you’d like. The rest of the content is yours, so you own it.

Once my site is launched… Does that mean you won’t be making any more changes for me? If so, will that be an extra charge?

  • That’s correct. We will give you 1 month of help and access to our WordPress tutorial site, but after that any help can be done through our WP CoPilot service.

What if I don’t have a logo?

  • We will create a text based logo for you. If you want a logo created, you can hire us to do that or find someone on a logo service. Don’t let a logo get in the way of what you are doing. Logos are overrated. What’s important is you getting your voice heard. The logo can come later on once you’ve made your $millions.

What sort of content should I have?

  • We’ve created a basic content guide to help you with creating your content.

Where should I buy my domain name?

  • Site Ground offers a domain name with your purchase.  We buy all our domain names through Name Cheap, which we highly recommend.  We keep all our domains at a separate company than our hosting company just in case something happens to the hosting.  This way it adds a level of security to what you own.

What should my name or domain name be?

  • Here is a great article you can read that will help you choose a name for your blog and domain.  Our advice is not to worry too much, and don’t worry so much if the .com isn’t available.  If you are doing something personal, we recommend finding your own name if possible.  It’s a lot easier for people to find you when your domain is your name.

What happens if I need help with my hosting?

  • Site Ground has some of the best support in the industry. That’s why we chose to work with them. They will be more than happy to help you and walk through with you what you need.

Can I have emails with my new domain?

  • Yes. Site Ground will be able to help you set them up. Nothing better than having your own personalized email address.

How much will hosting cost and which plan should I choose?

  • We recommend the StartUp plan which starts at $3.95US/month for the first year.

What will everything cost me? 

  • It depends on what you want to pay for the web part of it. We are suggesting $200, but you can PWYW.  And yes, there is a minimum of $50.  Hosting is around $4/month.  A domain will be around $15/year.

Can I pay the minimum now and pay more later? 

  • Yes. If you want to pay more after, go back to the page that you originally paid from.  Email us if you need that link again.
  • You can also come back and pay more if you want to get another incentive level.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

  • We are only taking credit cards, or paypal payments, through paypal.

What if I change my mind. Can I get my money back?

  • Yes. You may get a full refund from us at any time before we start working on your web site.

If I need my site done faster than 3 months? Could I pay more money to get it done faster?

  • No. We are only working on sites as they come in with all the different requirements and information provided.  We suggest  you get us all the required information as soon as you can.

Can I pay more later and get a higher incentive? 

  • Yes.  If you paid $300 and want to get the $500 incentive, you would pay $200 and then we’d get you the next incentive.  Just message us if you want to do that so we know.

If you have more questions, please go to our contact page and let us know what you need.

* Please note: Some of the links in this page are affiliate links.