One Step Away From Flying

Have you ever felt like you were created for more than the life you are living? You start to examine your everyday routine to see where you can swap out the gray for some color and purpose. You begin to notice the things that you naturally do well and what all of your friends run to you for help. You take note of these gifts but slowly nix the idea of stepping out beyond your comfort zone of the cubicle life.

You go through this rut of wanting more but allowing fear to stop you from making the next step. I have experienced this life of living in the gray only to end each day full of complaints and frustrations. I had to get honest with myself and ask a few direct questions? Mainly, what is holding me back from taking a leap of faith?

It’s always important when desiring to take a leap of faith before jumping you should take a hard look in the mirror. See what role you play, positive or negative in this journey of desiring more. I have listed below some factors that can consume and cloud your judgment when deciding to take that leap of faith. Are they weighing your bag down?

No Plan. If you fail to plan, then plan to fail. Dreams are great ideas, but you need to sort out how you will go about getting to that dream.

Failure to stick to the plan (Consistency). Just because it doesn’t happen instantly doesn’t mean you stop working the plan and draw up a new plan. Work that one plan day and night until you see the fruit of your labor. You have to be able to keep pursuing your dreams long after the excitement wears off.

Wanting to know every detail. Just because you can’t see the full picture doesn’t mean you quit traveling the road or begin to allow doubt to take over what you have planted in faith.

Comparison. How quickly someone gets to their destination shouldn’t deter you from getting to yours.
Don’t compare your journey with someone else’s social media highlights.

If you are carrying any of these items in your luggage of life they will begin to weigh you down preventing you from taking flight towards your dreams. We think that dreams have to be this big major move—of quitting your job and backpacking around the world. When it simply could mean shedding those last 15 pounds so you feel healthier and can walk up three flights of steps without being tired.

Today is the day for you to empty your bag and add a well thought our plan put into action on a consistent basis. And watch how high you’ll fly in pursuit of your destiny, dreams, or goals.


Philanthropy, social conscience, and creativity are key themes in Shivawn Hill’s life and career. The Virginia native and graduate of Norfolk State and Wilkes University wants to be remembered as a woman who left her mark. She’s the author of the book entitled Rewrite Your Story and currently is in pre-production with her short documentary, Lifting Crowns. Her passion lies in encouraging other women to expand their platforms by motivating them to harness and execute their visions. She has developed and helped to implement the visual brand and identity of many women-owned businesses. Shivawn lives by the quote, “If your dream only includes you, it’s too small.” We aren’t meant to be an island unto ourselves or reach a level of success and not have helped people along the way. Teamwork makes the dream work is her motto. Instagram @Mrs_Shivawn Twitter @Mrs_Shivawn