Letting Inspiration Fuel Your Life

If someone had told me five years ago I’m doing what I do now, I’d have thought they were talking to the wrong person.

These days I run a publicity and digital marketing consultancy which specializes in films. Since 2014 we’ve assisted with over 25 projects from all over the globe and at various stages of production. I have a capable, inspired team behind me and recently we’ve also started an entertainment blog. After I finish writing this I’m off to help organize an advanced screening and Q&A session for one of the films under our wing. I’m also still looking to work for a studio in the UK and have recently added being a stills photographer to my skill base.

And how did all of this happen? It took a spark. One tiny ember of inspiration grew into a gargantuan flame.

Chances are if you’re at the Kingdom Spark blog, you’re looking for inspiration too. My advice for a truly satisfying life: Seek inspiration and muses everywhere. When you seek out the things that inspire you to be greater, you take brave risks. You shine brighter. And when you’re shining brightly people take notice and are more willing to help you with your dreams and goals. Better yet, you serve as an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with. You allow them to pursue their own dreams. You allow them to shine as bright and be just as brave.

You may say; “sure, that’s fine for you, but I’ve got bills to pay.” I get it! But I was so inspired to start living the life of my dreams that I didn’t have a vacation for four years just to get things running. When The Film Sprites started I didn’t have a team, so not only was I working 7 days a week operating The Film Sprites, I was also working 40 hours a week as a medical secretary. None of that mattered because I was doing what I loved to do: shine a light on films and connect them to their audience. I went from meekly thinking I could never work in the film industry to just going out there and following my heart bravely.

When you make time to follow your bliss (as Joseph Campbell would say), the path becomes clear. You may have to put in a massive amount of blood, sweat and tears initially but if you’re doing something you truly love it doesn’t seem like a sacrifice. And it does get easier!

Make time every day to be inspired. Pick up your guitar, get out your camera, write that novel you’ve been meaning to write. Listen to the music that lifts you up. Living an inspired life is a call to living your best life imaginable.

12341516_10153136118146459_6649445202538966652_nLynnaire is the founder and head publicist for The Film Sprites Publicity and Social Media Marketing for Film as well as founder and editor of Sprites News and Reviews. With a passion for film from a young age, Lynnaire has managed to combine her gift of the gab and encyclopaedic film knowledge with social media savvy. When not doing publicity or writing, she can be found painting, doing photography, snorkelling, meditating or (no surprises here) watching films.