The Conversation with Dan Petrie

When was the last time you laughed really hard?

Today, every day at that matter! I love to make people laugh and that usually consists of me laughing at myself a lot haha!

How would your best friends describe you?

My best friends would describe me as a man of my word, who loves people, is extremely loyal, who walks with integrity and loves teaching people about Jesus!

What does everyday life look like for you?

My every day life is extremely chaotic many times. I manage corporate accounts for a fortune 40 company and that in itself can become crazy busy. I then have a wonderful wife and handsome son I get to come home to! That usually consists of year round travel basketball and seasonal baseball. I coach my sons basketball team and also preach whenever I can, as well as running and preparing a message for the Fatherhood Encouragement Project. I like to say this, I don’t like to say I’m busy, I like to say I’m being productive. There is a difference and many people fail to realize that business can trap you from being productive.

Dans Family

How has your relationship with Jesus affected your everyday life?

My relationship with Jesus has affected everything about my life, how I view things, my relationship with other people, my vision, my goals, the way I treat people…the way I love. Everything I do is based around how much I owe God! He has created and stirred up the monster in me who is dedicated to make change and bring the truth to a broken world. Jesus restored me when I was broken, hurt and couldn’t see 5 ft In front of me, he protected me, and most of all he loved me when I felt I was unlovable.

What’s some of your biggest dreams for your life?

My biggest dreams for my life are a few things: one is to have a big family with my wife, I would then like to expand the Fatherhood Encouragement Project across the world, helping dads become better and change the way we parent. I then have many entrepreneurial goals such as starting a new college downtown Rockford this fall for website coding students looking for a boot camp training and certification to launch them into building their own businesses and bringing organizations back to the area. I plan on eventually starting a ministry out in Los Angeles, I have felt for 6 years that God was calling me to California so I truly believe that will come to fruition soon!

Dan Petrie

Tell us more about the projects you are currently working on?

The projects I am working on are my ministries, Adopt-a-Block Rockford, The Fatherhood Encouragement Project and The Motherhood Encouragement Project. These ministries target different portions of our city all the while helping bring stability and restoration to a dying and deadly city. I just finished the 4th Annual Concert 4 Kidz event and we had almost 2,000 people come which in turn has allowed us to have served over 5,700 inner city kids by connecting them to summer programs and sports camps. We are currently working on bringing a national gospel hip hop event to our downtown area with national artists Bizzle, Trip Lee, Aaron Cole and Ty Brasel! We are excited about that as well as the Fatherhood Encouragement Project award dinner we are hosting in September to help honour dads in our community.


What does being light look like for you in your industry?

I believe light in my industry is always making people smile, loving on them no matter the differences you have and just speaking truth! I think that loving people is not always easy but that’s why it is so rewarding! I love being a man people can look up to proudly.


Dan at an Event

What’s next for you ?

We shall see what’s next! God willing I believe this season is a season of rest for me to continue to hear God’s voice on these next events, next projects and essentially where he wants these ministries to go. God has been doing awesome things in the city of Rockford Illinois and I know he’s allowed me to be the breath of fresh air for our city by building authentic relationships with city leaders and fathers alike while using my power of influence to positively impact our community. Teaching Dads how to love, how to lead and how to find purpose has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done! There are so many testimonies that continue to pour out and God is showing up in these MENS lives! I’m grateful to be leading such an amazing program here and hope it takes off like I believe God wants it too!

Where can people get in contact with you ?

People can reach me on Twitter @Danialpetrie or email me at Or go to our website 

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