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Stories and words can impact the world.

Kingdom Spark is a place for you to be encouraged and empowered. We launched Kingdom Spark full speed with a mission to help others start their dreams. As that is still part of our mission, we felt something was missing. What’s missing? The voice of the those (you) who are out there doing the work and making a difference. We now want to open up Kingdom Spark to let you write with us. If you have a story to share, a subject to teach on, and are ready to reach a whole new community of dreamers, we want to hear from you. Join us.

Before you start filling out the form. Here are a few things we would like you to know.

Be Original

We prefer to publish pieces that haven’t been published anywhere else, such as your personal blogs.

Be Encouraging

We want Kingdom Spark to be a place of encouragement and not a place for judgement. We require articles to be birthed out of love not judgement.

Be Authentic

Write on subjects that you have personal knowledge and experience in. Stay within the things you know and leave the other things others. May sure to credit any others for quotes or ideas.

If you are looking for topics to write about here are some categories:

Business, Starting things, Identity, Destiny, Creative, Art & Culture, Stories, Dreams.

Here are some more Topics you could write about: Giving Tips & Advice, Making A Difference in the World, Giving Back, Tools and How to do things, What it looks like to love your neighbour? Faith in context of living it out, Legacy, Doing good, Being an Outsider, Dreaming with God, Self awareness, Identity / Destiny , Faith in the world, Authenticity / Being Real , Overcoming , Crisis of faith, Being relevant , Communication , Social / Good , Companies who are doing good. ( people ) , Doing good, Love / Relationships

Lastly, word count should be around 500-800 words. Shorter or longer is fine, just depends on the article.

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